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VThunder® Announces New Harley-Davidson Beehive™ Valve Spring Kit
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At COMP Cams®, we learn by testing everything we build both in the lab and in the field. A perfect example of how this testing program yields results is the revolutionary Beehive™ valve spring technology that has taken automotive performance enthusiast by storm. These advanced valve springs provide increased valve train stability and revving capability; now that same technology is available for your Harley-Davidson engine. Using COMP’s Spintron® testing equipment, the #26120 Beehive™ spring was engineered to maximize “harmonic resistance” through reduced mass and unique coil spacing. With highly reduced internal spring harmonics, engines equipped with these state-of-the-art Beehive™ valve springs rev higher and live longer as compared with other “performance” springs. For more information on the COMP Cams® V-Thunder™ high performance valve spring kit or any VThunder™ product contact your local dealer, visit us online at or call 1-800-967-1066.

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