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VThunder® Introduces Two New Harley V-Twin Beehive™ Valve Spring Kits
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To maximize the performance of your V-Twin-powered Harley, VThunder® has released two new Beehive™ Valve Spring Kits designed as drop-in performance valve train upgrades. The centerpiece of both kits are the advanced COMP Cams® #26056 Beehive™ Valve Springs, which deliver a host of well documented benefits over conventional cylindrical valve springs. With the limited valve spring installed height of the Harley V-Twin engine, small spring pocket and today’s higher lift cams, the VThunder® engineers faced a challenge in designing an all-inclusive kit that would provide proper installation of the Beehive™ Valve Springs. After extensive testing and research, the proper combination of parts has been identified and is now available to all VThunder® customers. Both kits utilize the #26056 Beehive™ Valve Springs, but the #9709-Kit allows for use of the stock 7mm valves & stock locks and the #9708-Kit is designed for 5/16-inch valves and includes high performance 10-Degree Super Locks™ for added strength. For more information on any VThunder® product contact your local dealer, visit us online at or call 1-800-967-1066.

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