GM 7" Competition Race Torque Converter Custom

GM 7" Competition Race Torque Converter Custom

Torque Converters

TCI® helped lead the way in the design of the 7” race converter. Developed for use with a small cubic inch engine or very high rpm engine (8500+ rpm) that requires the ultimate high-stall converters. The TCI® 7” race converter delivers higher stall and better top-end lock-up than a loose 8” converter. Because of the wide variety of engine combinations, tire sizes, gear ratios and weights of different vehicles, we have provided a reference chart to use when ordering your 7” converter. 7” converter features: 360-degree steel mounting ring, reverse cone anti-ballooning plate, 3 sets of Torrington bearings, high-load sprag and steel stator, furnace-brazed fins.

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