StreetFighter C6 1966-96 13 1/2" Tailshaft Non Lock-Up (351M, 400, 429, 460)

StreetFighter® C6 Transmission; '66-'96 13 1/2" Tailshaft (351M, 400, 429, 460)

The TCI® StreetFighter® Transmission for Ford engine applications is tough enough to withstand the rigors of the toughest street machines – up to 725 horsepower with a non-supercharged system using pump gasoline. Equipped with a TCI® manual/automatic valve body, most units allow you to manually shift the vehicle into each gear change or, by placing it in the drive position, remain fully automatic. This gives you racetrack shifts and shaves time off your ETs.

Features & Benefits:

• Special clutches & bands increase durability; new sprags/roller clutches increase holding capacity
• Improved lubrication system increases fluid sent to planetaries and internals
• Includes a chrome-plated transmission pan with embossed TCI® logo
• Higher line pressure for extra firm shifts & greater torque capacity with less slippage

Available Packages with Trans. Part# 411200:

  - All Packages Include Trans, Converter, Dipstick & Fluid

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